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  • Join our friends at MIST/North Coast Softball for their Mist Fundraiser at Lake City Tavern on Saturday night. Details Here.

Lake Erie Volleyball Association (LEVA) is synonymous with 'premier volleyball'.  For nearly 30 years, Ohio volleyball veterans and rookies alike have gathered together for the sheer excitement of competition, comaraderie and the chance to hone their skills. LEVA is a model organization both on and off the court. 

From philanthropic fundraisers to community clothing drives, LEVA proves time and time again that the richest experience is one that improves the lives of other. With 24 teams and over 250 active members, LEVA is one experience in north-east Ohio you won't want to miss!

Championship Sunday
March 29, 2015

10:20 AM

Court 1:  #4 Lushes vs #5 Justice & Jello
Court 2 : #3 LEVA Nets vs #6 Bump Set Drink

11:00 AM

Court 1: #1 Winking Lizard vs #4/#5 winner
Court 2:  #2 Mudslingers vs #3/#6 winner
11:40 AM

Court 1: B Championship

12:20 PM

Court 1: #4 First Federal vs 5 Hi Felicia

1:00 PM

Court 1: #1 Team Flex vs #4/5 winner
Court 2: #2 Nine Inch Males vs #3 LEVA Divas

1:40 PM
BB Championship

* In B, Winking Wizard wins tie breaker due to 6-2 record vs Mudslingers.

- Best 2 of 3 games advances to the next round