April  10, 2016​​

- Standings have been updated here

Championship  April 17, 2016

Each match 3 games, 1st and 2nd games 4-25, 27 cap, 3rd game 0-15 no cap...TIme in parenthesis shows end time of match before match end/tie break point. Players must be on the roster. No waiting for players.  

9:20 AM (10:05) Court 1: B1 2  Lushes  vs B1 3: Whack It  Court 2: B2 2 Unprotected Sets vs B2 3 Blew Balls

10:00 AM (10:50) Court 1  B1 1 Mudslingers vs B1 4 Fortaleza  Court 2:  B2 1 Monsters  vs B2 4 Winking Lizard 

10:40 AM  (11:35):   Court 1: B1 Championship  Court 2:  B2 Championship

11:30 AM (12:20):  Court 1:  BB4 LEVA Divas vs BB5 Hard Balls   Court 2:  BB2: Blew Balls Too vs BB3: LEVA Nets

12:10 PM  (1:05) Court 1:  BB1 Northeast vs BB4/5 winner (LEVA Divas/Hard Balls)   

12:50 PM  (1:50) Court  1: BB Championship  (BB 1 vs 4/5) winner vs  (B2/B3) winner


1. Blew Balls Too #2 seed over LEVA Nets due to 4-2 record vs LEVA Nets.

2. Tie Break Procedure at match end time. Match and current game ends. If match or game is tied, follow the tie-break procedures below.

If 3rd game is tied, play 1 point to determine match. Otherwise, current match ends

If 2nd game is tied at match end point, play 1 point to decide 2nd game. If 2nd game results in tie for match, play 1 point 3rd game to decide the match.



We will offer 3 divisions this Winter.  There can be cross divisional play in the B and BB divisions.

The C Division  will have 4  team slots, and will focus on new and recreational players in the league. 

The B Division will have up to 8 teams. The players in this division have either played in the league or volleyball for a while. Most of these teams run a 4-2.  (1 setter in each row) but games are competitive.

The BB division will have up to 8 teams. The players in this division are very experienced volleyball players and should be comfortable running a 6-2 or 5-1 and advanced offensive schemes. 

Lake Erie Volleyball Association (LEVA) is synonymous with 'premier volleyball'.  For nearly 30 years, Ohio volleyball veterans and rookies alike have gathered together for the sheer excitement of competition, comaraderie and the chance to hone their skills. LEVA is a model organization both on and off the court. From philanthropic fundraisers to community clothing drives, LEVA proves time and time again that the richest experience is one that improves the lives of other. With 24 teams and over 250 active members, LEVA is one experience in north-east Ohio you won't want to miss!