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Winter 2020 Session

Team Fees:   $245 by 1/23, $270 after

Registration Fee: $10 (paid by person)  Only needs to be paid once per player (even if in two divisions)

Registration Info

1. All players should register on this website using Free Agent, if your captain has not sent you a team invite notification.

2. Team captains should register as a Team Captain First. Do you this soon, so you can invite players by email to your roster. You do not have to pay when you register your team.

3. Captains at team registration can invite players to their roster using an email notification from this website.

4.  If players know which they, they can register as a Team Player.  The team must already by registered by the captain. The team captain must approve these requests for the player to be added to the roster

5.  Teams and players may register for the session now without paying. After 9/176. every fee must be paid or a late registration premium will be applied.

6.   All teams are guaranteed 9 matches (of at least 3 games) over 8 weeks of play. There will be a single elimination tournament at the end of the session.

7.  You may play in only the B or C division, since these divisions could be merged. You may play in both C  or B and the BB division.

8.  B/C Teams: Please make sure your team is not stacked in this division. We want to keep the division competitive for new volleyball players. If you need a  newer player, please let us know.

Video Tutorials:

Register as Team Player

Register as Captain

Register as a Free Agent (I need a team to play on)

Winter 2020 Dates

Sun Jan 12   - Open Gym - 11 AM

Jan 19 Week 1 10:00 AM

Jan 26 - Week 2  10:00 AM

Feb 2  - Week 3 10:00 AM

Feb 9   - Week 4 10:00 AM

Feb 16 - Week 5 10:00 AM

Feb 23 - Week 6 10:00 AM

Mar 1 - Week 7 10:00 AM

Mar 8  - Week 8 10:00 AM

Mar 15 - No Volleyball - Cincinnati Tournament

Mar 22 - Championships

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