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Help and FAQ

Question: How do pay my fees later after I have already registered to play.

1. Log back into

2. Click on Dashboard link in the upper left corner.

3. Click on the Invoices link on right navigation bar.

4. Click pay now.

Question: I'm unable to access the website when clicking the link in the team invitation email. How do I troubleshoot this issue?

1. Verify your pop-up blocker is disabled for

2. Access outside of a corporate network/firewall.

Question: I want to play volleyball, and I don't have a team. How do I get on a team.

Of course you can still play. Just register as a free agent and we will place you on a team.

1. Go to

2. Click on Leagues

3. Choose the division that fits your skill level.

4. Click Register for your division

5, Choose Register as Free Agent. This notifies the board and captains that you are available to be placed on a team.

Question: As a captain, how do I register my team?

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Leagues

    3. Click the Red View Details button

    4. Click register for the division you want your team to play in.

    5. Choose "Team Captains" icon.

    6. Enter your account details or logon if you have an account

    7. On the next page you are presented with the following options


    8.  You may divide the team fee among multiple players. If you choose the option to "Divide the Team Fee" among multiple players, then each player on your roster will be invoiced 1/6 or less of the team fees depending on the number of players.

    9.   You must pay in full to receive the $400 discount rate by August 20, 2016.

    10. Agree to the waiver.

    11. Click Register.

Question: How do I Invite Players on my team roster?

      1. Go to 

      2. Click Dashboard in upper left corner.

      3. Click on your team name in the dashboard.   

      4. Click the Red Button labeled "Add Players to your team".

      5. Click the Red Button on the right, "Invite Players to your Team"

      6. Enter the player's email address.

      7. The system will send the player an email inviting them to your team. 

      8.  Your player will be able to click the link in the email to register on the team and will be presented with an invoice for his/her registration fee.

      9. Players do not have to pay the registration fee at time of registration. However all fees must be paid by September 11, 2016.

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